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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set

Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set


Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set

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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set

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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set

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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set

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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set

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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set – Adjustable Beds For Sale

Experience the pinnacle of sleep innovation with the Sealy Posturematic Accord. Its advanced adjustable power base, paired with the Sealy Hybrid Sunspear mattress, allows you to effortlessly find the perfect position for sleeping or lounging. If you’re looking to unlock the true potential of a restful night, this is one of the most versatile adjustable beds for sale in South Africa. 

The Sealy Posturematic Accord’s customisable features, including multiple positions, massage options, and individualised support makes it ideal for those seeking relief from back pain, improving circulation, or simply elevating their comfort to new heights. Rest, recharge, and wake up refreshed on a bed that truly caters you. 

Sealy Posturematic Accord Features

Full Range Positions

Your comfort knows no bounds with the Accord Bed Set. Achieve your ideal sleep angle with ease, whether you desire a gentle incline of up to 65 degrees for your upper body or a rejuvenating incline of up to 40 degrees for your lower body. The Accord’s remarkable design also allows for simultaneous head and foot movement, offering a seamless transition into your dreamland.

German Engineered Motor

Rest easy knowing that the Accord’s German-engineered motor operates with exceptional efficiency, even in standby mode. This energy-efficient design ensures optimal performance while minimising power consumption.

Safety Plus Features

Prioritising your safety and peace of mind, the Sealy Safety Plus elements have been thoughtfully integrated into the bed. Shielding you against power surges and compressed mattresses, the Accord ensures a secure and tranquil sleep environment. Furthermore, its innovative design prevents any pull force while adjusting the bed, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Sleep Enhancement Technology

Prepare to be pampered with the Accord’s cutting-edge sleep enhancement technology. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation with four built-in massage programs. Customise the vibration and intensity levels to suit your preferences, while the bonus of three timer options allows you to take complete control over your massage duration. Welcome a new era of blissful slumber.

Wireless Backlit Ergonomic Remote Control

Take charge of your sleep sanctuary effortlessly with the Accord’s wireless backlit ergonomic remote control. Experience the convenience of making adjustments without leaving the comfort of your bed, ensuring a seamless transition to a night of pure serenity.

LED Underbed Lighting

Set the mood for tranquillity with the subtle glow of LED underbed lighting. Create a soothing ambiance in your bedroom, further enhancing your sleep haven.

2 Programmable Memory Positions

Elevate your sleep to extraordinary levels with the Accord’s two programmable memory positions. Embrace the weightlessness of the Zero Gravity position or alleviate tension with the Anti-sore position, tailor-made to suit your unique preferences.

Why Choose Sealy?

Your sleep, your well-being—Sealy understands what truly matters. They have been a trusted brand in the mattress world for over a century, so you know your sleep is in good hands. Sealy creates mattresses that adapt to your body, providing unrivalled support and pressure relief by incorporating the latest advancements in sleep science. From superior materials to cutting-edge features, Sealy goes above and beyond to ensure your ultimate comfort.

Ask Our Sleep Specialists About Sealy’s Adjustable Beds For Sale

Ask our knowledgeable mattress specialists any questions you may have about the Sealy Posturematic Accord. They’ll guide you through this bed set’s wide range of features to give you complete peace of mind knowing you’re making an informed decision. Call us now or visit our store so that together we can determine if this remarkable mattress truly suits your preferences and sleep requirements.

Bed Set Sizes 

Single Extra Length (91cm x 200xm)

Queen Extra Length (152cm x 200cm) 

King Extra Length (183cm x 200cm)

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Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set
Sealy Posturematic Accord Bed Set