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Bed Sets for Sale

Bed Sets for Sale

Looking for a comfortable and affordable bed in South Africa? You’re in luck! As the largest independent retailer of the best beds in South Africa, you’ll find The Bed Centre stores in major areas like Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Cape Town.

The Bed Centre offers a wide range of bed sets for sale, ranging from high-end luxury brands to more affordable options.


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We understand that a comfortable and stylish bed set is essential for a good night’s sleep and your overall well-being. We also know that your bed is also typically the most dominant piece of furniture in the bedroom, making it important for creating the perfect bedroom oasis.

The Bed Centre is a trusted supplier of quality bed sets, mattresses and more. We have a 25-year track record in supplying top brands and quality beds and mattresses to the South African market.

We deliver free in a 100km radius from our stores.


Bed Prices in South Africa

To find the best bed prices, you should consider the type of bed you want. Various options include innerspring beds, memory foam beds, latex beds and hybrid beds that combine spring and foam technologies.

Each bed type has different benefits and features so it’s a good idea to do your research and know what you are looking for before purchasing the bed best suited to you.

The Bed Centre offers expert advice, the best online and in-store bed prices, great financing options, and can beat any price.

Buy a Bed Online

In South Africa, a popular option is to buy a bed through an online retailer.

The Bed Centre has one of the top online stores available and offers a wide selection of bed sets in various sizes and styles, with the added convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of your home.

Another great bonus for online visitors is The Bed Centre’s online deals, discounts and promotions on top-brand beds.

With us, massive savings are only a click away!

Best Service at your nearest store

Understandably, many of our customers also enjoy the personal experience of shopping in-store.

Buying a bed by visiting one of our many stores allows you to ask the salesperson for assistance if you have any questions or need help in making a decision.  

The Bed Centre have many stores in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, and Western Cape and delivers free in a 100km radius of these stores.

There are many factors the buyer has to consider (such as price, warranty, delivery and installation) before making their final decision. We ensure every customer leaves our store feeling satisfied they have bought the right bed, best suited to their individual requirements.

The Bed Centre staff are trained to assist you through the entire bed-buying process.

Your sleep is our priority.

Wide Range of Beds for Sale in South Africa

For the past 25 years, The Bed Centre have sourced only the top beds and brands. We pride ourselves on our quality, low prices and excellent service.

We stock a wide range of beds for sale, with different types and sizes available to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Along with our range of top-brand beds, The Bed Centre also stocks accessories that include linen products, bed basesstorage bed bases and pillows.

We also have a wide selection of top- brand mattresses that can be bought individually.

We regularly run deals and specials on some of our best-selling beds.

Types of Bed Sizes in South Africa

It’s true! Size matters when it comes to choosing a bed.

Bed sizes in South Africa are measured in centimetres (cm) and typically follow the standard European sizes.

Knowing the dimensions of each size bed can help you make an informed decision and find the perfect bed to suit your needs.

While there are some regional variations, the most common bed sizes in South Africa are single, three-quarter, double, queen, and king.

The Bed Centre stocks all standard-size beds but also offers extra length sizes to provide more sleeping space for individuals who are taller than average.

Here are some bed sizes to choose from based on your needs:

Single Bed Size (single bed for sale)
91 cm wide by 188cm long
Single XL Bed Size (single XL bed for sale)
91 cm wide by 200cm long
3/4 Bed Size ( 3/4 bed for sale)
107cm wide by 188cm long
3/4 XL Bed Size ( 3/4 XL bed for sale)
107cm wide by 200cm long
Double Bed Size (double bed for sale )
137 cm wide by 188 cm long
Double XL Bed  (XL Double bed for sale)
137 wide by 200cm long
Queen Bed Size (Queen bed for sale)
152 cm wide by 188 cm long
Queen XL bed Size (Queen XL bed for sale)
152 cm wide by 200 cm long
King Bed Size (King bed for sale)
183cm wide by 188cm long
King XL Bed Size (King XL bed for sale)
183cm wide by 200cm long
Super King Bed Size (Super King bed for  sale )
200cm wide by 200cm long

Best Bed Brands available at The Bed Centre in South Africa

As one of the leading bed retailers in the country, The Bed Centre offers the best bed prices, with a wide range of top-quality beds from the best brands.

We stock both top international brands and the best that South Africa has to offer.

Here are some of our top brands available:

Cloud Nine Beds

Sealy Beds (Sealy Bed Prices & Specials)

Simmons Beds (Simmons Bed Prices & Specials)

Edblo Beds (Edblo Bed Prices & Specials)

Rest Assured Beds (Rest Assured Beds Prices)

StrandMattress Beds (Strandmattress Beds Prices & Specials)

Truform Beds ( Only Western Cape) (Truform Beds Prices & Specials)

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