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StrandMattress Mattresses

Since 1968, Strandmattress by Cloud Nine has been manufacturing economy and budget foam mattresses and beds. These budget-friendly beds and mattresses are widely used for children’s rooms, holiday homes, spare bedrooms and the hospitality and medical industry.


Strandmattress has nationwide manufacturing plants, under the Strandfoam Group, and is now one of South Africa’s biggest bed manufacturing companies and one of the coutry’s most widely purchased and preferred sleeping options.

Benefits of a Strandmattress bed and mattress

Supportive layers: 

Strandmattress beds are made with a layer of polyurethane foam and high-density foam, both of which improve support and comfort. The mattress is covered with woven damask, making the bed allergy-free and very hygienic.

True Comfort:  The design of the Strandmattress beds is what gives them that incredibly comfortable feel while also supporting your posture.

Postural support: Strandmattress beds offer great postural and spinal support, catering perfectly to both your back and your budget.

Durability: Strandmattress beds are highly durable and very comfortable, which means that they are ideal for hotels and guesthouses. Hospitals also prefer these beds thanks to their superior posture support.

Variety of options: The beds available from the Strandmattress bed range are ideal for single sleepers or those sharing a bed. These beds come with quality memory foam that is designed to reduce disturbances caused by movement at night. 

Ultimate affordability:  Manufactured by the Strandfoam group, the same factory that makes the Cloud Nine foam mattresses, you can be assured a quality, highly affordable mattress option.

All Strandmattress products are backed by a warranty. Speak to your local The Bed Centre specialist about the mattress or bed set best suited to your requirements and shop online or visit a store near you. Also look out for our range of promotions and special deals that will help you to benefit from the lowest possible prices and budget-friendly offers.

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