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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)

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The Rest Assured Saxenburg queen size bed set creates a relaxing sleep sanctuary that you’ll love coming home to every night. 

Designed to provide optimal support for your body, the mattress combines advanced construction with high-quality materials to create a firm yet comfortable surface. With ample space to stretch out, this queen size mattress is designed to accommodate your need for extra room.

Embrace the freedom to move and effortlessly find your ideal sleeping position. Complete with a base and mattress, the Rest Assured Saxenburg queen bed set ensures a seamless sleep setup. The sturdy base offers enhanced durability and support, while the accompanying mattress enhances the quality of your nightly rest.


Who Is This Queen Size Bed For?

For back sleepers, a firm mattress can provide the ideal level of support and comfort. With its sturdy construction, a firm mattress can help keep the spine in proper alignment and prevent discomfort or pain.


Drift Off In Total Comfort

The Saxenburg Queen size bed set features high-density foam layers infused with Blue Bead gel technology. This unique combination provides a gentle firm comfort that perfectly cradles your body, ensuring optimal support and alignment throughout the night. Enhancing the overall comfort is the soft touch jacquard ticking. The plush fabric contributes to the bed’s luxurious feel while effectively dispersing moisture, promoting a fresher and more invigorating sleep environment. Embrace a healthier slumber with a mattress that is crafted with non-toxic foam and is free from chemicals that may trigger allergies.


Supportive Sleep For A Better Day Ahead

With the Rest Assured Saxenburg Queen size bed Set, achieving proper spinal alignment becomes effortless. The inclusion of high-density foam layers enhances the mattress’s ability to align your spine, promoting a healthier sleep posture and reducing the risk of discomfort or stiffness. Feel the difference as your body finds its natural balance, leading to rejuvenating mornings and revitalised days. 

The Evolution Pocket Spring technology lies at the core of this exceptional bed set. These springs are thoughtfully engineered to conform and contour to the unique shape of your body, cradling you in exquisite comfort while relieving pressure points. Crafted with a Foam Encased siding, this innovative feature prevents any sagging along the edges for a sturdier and more supportive structure. It not only enhances durability but also expands the sleeping surface – you get more room to stretch and unwind.

The pocket springs isolate movement between sleeping partners, giving you an uninterrupted and restful sleep experience. It’s Single Sided Non-Turn design provides consistent comfort and support by utilising high-quality materials on one side. You only need to rotate the mattress monthly.


About Rest Assured

With a legacy of comfort dating back to 1979, Rest Assured has established itself as a leading name in the mattress industry. Operating multiple state-of-the-art factories in Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, and Cape Town, they ensure that their exceptional mattresses are accessible and available nationwide. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Rest Assured mattresses guarantee superior support for a restful night’s sleep. Experience the epitome of quality, durability, and innovation with Rest Assured, where your sleep satisfaction is their utmost priority.


Ask Our Sleep Specialists About The Rest Assured Saxenburg Queen Size Bed

Consult with our team of sleep specialists for personalised guidance and advice on the Rest Assured Saxenburg queen bed set. With their expert insights and tailored recommendations, you can be assured that you’ll find the best bed to suit your unique sleep needs.

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Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)
Rest Assured Saxenburg Bed Set (Queen)