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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)

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9 Years

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The Edblo Bryanston double bed set is designed to be the perfect foundation for your daily rejuvenation. Its sturdy frame and durable construction ensure that you can count on it night after night, while its timeless appeal will fit seamlessly into any bedroom decor. With thoughtfully crafted features and attention to comfort, the Edblo Bryanston double bed set is a great investment in your sleep health. Experience the Edblo difference and indulge in the ultimate combination of luxury, durability, and innovation. Shop the double bed set for sale and elevate your sleep to restful nights and energised mornings.


Who Is A Firm Mattress For?

A firm mattress is ideal for back sleepers because it keeps your spine in proper alignment, allowing your muscles to relax and recover while you sleep. This firm mattress provides the support you need without sacrificing comfort.


Enjoy The Comfort Of A Good Night’s Sleep

The unique combination of long-lasting foam and fibres in the Edblo Bryanston double bed base and mattress offers a gentle firm comfort level, supporting you as you sleep, while also providing strength and durability. Its ultra-care technology acts as a powerful shield, effectively combating unwanted microbes that can cause discomfort and health issues. By integrating this protection into the fabric, Edblo has created a bed that not only offers superior comfort but also maintains a clean and hygienic sleeping environment.


Support that Enhances Your Rest

At the heart of the Edblo Bryanston double bed base and mattress lies a classic bonnell spring unit, meticulously engineered to offer your body long-lasting support. Each spring works in harmony with your movements, ensuring a responsive and adaptive sleeping surface. The mattress has reinforced edges, extending your sleeping area and preventing any risk of collapsing when sat on. Now, you can enjoy the full surface of your mattress without any compromises. It comes with an insulator pad that prevents that unpleasant spring feel while significantly increasing the bed’s durability. This ingenious feature ensures the layers remain intact and prevents shifting, so you can enjoy a consistent sleep surface for years to come.


Your Satisfaction Comes First

When it comes to long-lasting performance, the Edblo Bryanston Double Bed goes above and beyond. With its 1 year guarantee, backed by a 9-year warranty, you can be confident in the superior quality of the bed set. This warranty covers any structural defects or faults that may arise during the nine-year period, ensuring that your investment remains protected. With Edblo, you can rest easy knowing that your sleep experience is safeguarded for years to come.


Ask Our Sleep Specialist About The Edblo Bryanston Double Bed

Unsure if the Edblo double bed is your dream match? Seek guidance from our trusted sleep specialists who understand the nuances of a restful night’s sleep. With their knowledge, they’ll help you determine if the Edblo double bed is the right choice for you.


About Edblo

As one of South Africa’s most beloved bed brands, Edblo combines a rich heritage with unparalleled craftsmanship. Their commitment to quality ensures that each Edblo product delivers the perfect balance of comfort and durability. Experience the restful nights you deserve, knowing that Edblo beds and mattresses offer both luxury and affordability.

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Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)
Edblo Melbourne Firm Bed Set (Double)