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Sealy Bed Sets and Sealy Mattress

Your Sealy Bed is a haven for you to escape to. After a busy day, your active muscles deserve to rest, recover and recharge your body for another beautiful day ahead. Sealy is devoted to helping you sleep better. The result of advanced ongoing research, every Sealy mattress is brilliantly engineered to support your body and align your spine as you sleep peacefully. The result is a healthy, restful sleep, night after night. It’s just what you need to perform at your best day after day.

Sealy has a choice of comfort and support systems to suit your personal preference. Orthopaedically designed, Buying a Sealy Bed Set or Sealy Mattress is an investment that will pay you back with years of HEALTHIER SLEEP and a HEALTHIER LIFE. Order your Sealy Bed Set or Sealy Mattress with The Bed Centre for the best price, best value and best service!

Visit any of the Bed Centre stores nationwide or shop with our beds for sale online to find your new Sealy mattress.

Sealy, leaders in the Science of Sleep.

Sealy’s vision is simple: to help the world sleep better, and it is so much more than just a hollow philosophy. This is a brand that delivers all that it promises.

Be it Sealy bedsSealy mattresses, or Sealy pillows, not only does it span a price range to fit everyone’s budget, but in so doing, it allows one not to lose any sleep over its cost.

What does a Sealy bed cost? The Bed Centre sells a selection of Sealy Bed Sets ranging from as low as R 4899 going up to R 86 999. (prices may vary – Ts & Cs apply)

Sealy ensures that what they manufacture is quality-minded at all price levels.
Budget-priced mattresses have quality features and materials to ensure durability. They are also rigorously quality tested, ensuring the brand delivers.

While you may think you are dreaming, the reason for the escalation is based on what the Sealy bed offers. All Sealy products are manufactured to the ISO.9001/2 quality system.

What does a Sealy bed cost? Factors that determine price are the following:

  • What size do you need?
  • What comfort do you need?
  • Structural Elements such as Foam, Inner Spring, etc.

These variables should be taken into consideration when thinking of one’s affordability, weight, firmness required, as well as one’s orthopaedic requirements. A sportsman with a back injury needing constant support would choose a more advanced Sealy bed set or mattress.

One cannot underestimate the value of sleep and how much a mattress contributes to it, both positive and negative.

Sealy’s Best Sellers at The Bed Centre

The Bed Centre is one of the biggest sellers of Sealy Beds and Sealy Mattresses in South Africa. Our wide range contains a comfort level and price level for every pocket. The below are just two of our many Sealy ‘best sellers’.

Sealy Khaleesi Bed Set

The Sealy Khaleesi is a Firm Bed set. There is currently an online deal at The Bed Centre, which will save you a whopping R 1200.

The Sealy Khaleesi mattress offers:

  • Pressure Relieving Foams
  • Allergen Protection
  • Duraflex TM Reinforced Edge Support
  • An exclusive Offset Spring System
  • 10 – Year limited warranty.

It delivers on Quality, Comfort, and Support of the Offset Spring System with Duraflex TM Reinforced Edge Support for a sturdy seating edge.

Sealy Castle Rock Bed Set

The Sealy Castle Rock Range comes in medium, firm and plush. There is currently an online deal at The Bed Centre, which will save you R 1600 on the Medium Range.

This product offers:

  • Allergen Protection
  • Zone Support
  • Pressure Relieving Foams
  • Duraflex TM Reinforced Edge Support
  • An exclusive Double Offset Spring System
  • 10-Year limited warranty.

It delivers on comfort and deep-down support of the double offset spring system that originally made Posturepedic famous. 

Sealy’s Crown Jewel

The Crown Jewel Range has earned its name by being King of them all. This range is truly fit for royalty. Modern, Sophisticated, and Elegant. Every bed is a handcrafted masterpiece carefully assembled by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials. It is this combination of form and function that sets Crown Jewel apart.

For a bed that is as good to look at as it is to sleep on, look no further than the Sealy Crown Jewel Collection with exclusive Posturepedic Technology. Reaching new heights of Quality and refinement, Sealy Crown Jewel beds are in a class of their own. Every detail, every dimension, has been painstakingly considered and crafted because when it comes to creating the ideal sleep system, nothing less than perfection will do.

With Crown Jewel Collection, Sealy has taken the art of sleep to an entirely new level. They have taken it to the leading edge of luxury.

Sealy Posturematic Adjustable Beds, 

Designed for exceptional support and accessibility, the Sealy Posturepedic Posturematic Adjustable power bases give you something extra, especially for those looking to buy an adjustable bed in South Africa.

This range considers that everybody is unique, has different sleeping positions, and finds comfort in various ways. The Sealy Posturematic Accord and Odessa Adjustable Power Bases provide exceptionally well for these differences, allowing the user to adjust their position and angles at the press of a button. Comfort has never been this refined or this simple.

While the Accord stops at nothing to put comfort squarely in your control, the Odessa goes that extra mile with a vibrating massage function and USB ports.

Posturematic Accord Adjustable Power Base.

You are unique, with positions of sleep, rest, and relaxation that are yours alone. You need a sleep surface that can adjust to whatever makes you most comfortable.
The Accord Adjustable Power Base has all the necessary features, whether lying flat, sitting up or both!

You can quickly change position at the touch of a button on the handy remote control and even order good vibrations to put yourself at ease.

Sealy Accord Queen

Posturematic Odessa Adjustable Power Base

Most people have furniture that they either lie down or sit up on. With Sealy’s Odessa adjustable bed, you can have much more choice at the touch of a button.
A unique, wall-hugging design feature allows back travel up to 30.5cms, allowing the Odessa to adjust to almost any position you desire!

Sealy’s vibration feature will massage and relax those tired aching muscles. You will be so comfortable you will not want to move away from the bed, so they have also included accessible USB ports to help you stay connected.

Sealy Odessa

What drives Sealy’s Manufacturing Mission?

Sealy’s mission drives everything they do. Therefore, Sealy spends more on research and development than any other mattress brand. The process of designing better mattresses starts from the inside out. The salient factor is how it affects one’s sleep.

Sealy thus conducts extensive research, including interviews in people’s homes, to get to the heart of what will help them sleep better. Though most people do not spend their days thinking about mattresses, most do contribute a suggestion or two. The best recommendations are found within the Sealy brand beds.

What is Sealy’s Brand Promise?

Sealy believes that to be your best, you must sleep your best. This quality combination of the most premium materials delivers just that. You will get the highest level of trusted support–targeted to your back and core–plus the cooling comfort you can count on.

The Seal of Approval for Sealy

Sealy South Africa manufactured its first mattress in the Johannesburg factory in 1967. The company swiftly built a reputation for quality, comfort, and superior technical innovations, and it soon became South Africa’s No.1 choice.

Sealy mattresses and foundations are produced in Johannesburg, Cape Town. Kwa Zulu Natal, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania facilities. Specifications set down by Sealy USA are followed, including health and technological advancements made by Sealy’s consulting Orthopaedic surgeons and researchers.

When it comes to Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, Sealy Inc. USA has gone a step further by forming the Orthopaedic Advisory Board (OAB). This is a group of the finest doctors, clinicians, and orthopaedic surgeons who play a critical role in the design process. The doctors apply their extensive expertise while helping their patients improve their sleep to the design of Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, assisting the rest of the world to sleep better.

  • The OAB and Sealy Inc. USA have also worked hand in hand to create the Pressure Mapping Centre of Excellence. At this first-of-its-kind facility, all Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are scientifically evaluated to ensure maximum comfort by eliminating the uncomfortable pressure points that cause tossing and turning.
  • Sealy Posturepedic is the only mattress brand in the industry with strict pressure-relieving standards for every one of its mattresses.
  • Sealy is a leading supplier to the hospitality industry and is proud that consumers have recognized their commitment to helping the world sleep better by making the brand the most popular one.
  • Sealy is committed to being the #1 luxury mattress manufacturer.

Their commitment to helping you sleep better extends to their mattresses and foundations, hand-made with extraordinary attention to detail using the finest quality raw materials.
Thus, it is evident that choosing a mattress is not something to take lying down.

Laying down your head on a Sealy Pillow is blissful.

As they say, “heavy lies the head that wears the crown!” Thus, Royalty requires supreme pillows. 

The Bed Centre stock Sealy Pillows. Two of our best sellers for your comfort:

Sealy Natural Comfort Pillow

  • Microfibre filling
  • 100% cotton cover that makes for easy washing
  • Soft to the touch and a soft comfort – Ideally for a stomach sleeper or a small frame person.
  • Hypo-Allergenic and washable

Sealy Ultra-Luxury Latex

  • Gently FIRM hyper-responsive natural latex
  • Superior neck support & comfort
  • Gentle contouring for healthy spinal alignment
  • Effective protection against bacteria and dust mites using an intensive hot air process
  • Teddy bear stretch pillow zip cover for added comfort and easy wash

Besides these Sealy Pillows, The Bed Centre also stock an extensive range from which you can choose. Click here to view

Just as your bed should provide good support for your body, your pillow should give you the proper support to correctly position your head and neck. It should hold your head in relation to your shoulders and spine as if you were standing with the correct upright posture.

When choosing a pillow, one must consider ones sleeping position. Our sales ambassadors will carefully assist you with how to select your Sealy Pillow at The Bed Centre.
With Sealy, you can access various pillows, such as memory foam pillows, at different price points. Shopping for the right pillow is essential to building your perfect sleep system. With your new pillows, consider buying a Sealy pillow protector to protect your pillow from moisture and staining.

For excellent deals, visit The Bed Centre. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful service ambassadors will show you our Sealy products and talk you through the extensive range.

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