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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set

Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set



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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set

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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set

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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set

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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set

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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set

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3 Years


12 Years

Weight Limit:

150 Kg

Shop The Sealy Posturepedic Lannister Extra-Firm Mattress

The Sealy Posturepedic Lannister Extra-Firm Mattress boasts the latest innovations in sleep technology, letting you experience the next level of support. With a focus on maximising back and spinal alignment, this mattress alleviates any discomfort.

Bring the luxury of personalised comfort to your bedroom without compromising on the extra firmness that sets Sealy apart. Available in a wide range of sizes, this extra-firm mattress perfectly matches the dimensions of your bed base, be it a cosy single or a spacious king-sized bed. Rest assured that no matter your preferred bed size, you will find a Sealy Extra Firm Mattress to complement your sleep haven. 

The Sealy Posturepedic Lannister Extra Firm mattress proudly belongs to the prestigious Crown Jewel range. This collection is renowned for its exceptional quality and innovative designs. Embrace the night with confidence, knowing you’ll enjoy the full potential of a restful night’s sleep.

Treat yourself to the extraordinary benefits of a Sealy Extra Firm Mattress without breaking the bank. With The Bed Centre’s lowest prices online guarantee, there’s no better time to upgrade your mattress.


Who Is This Extra-Firm Mattress For?

An extra-firm mattress is typically designed for individuals who prefer a very firm sleeping surface. It provides minimal give and sinkage, offering strong support to keep the spine aligned during sleep. Extra-firm mattresses are often recommended for:


Back sleepers: Back sleepers benefit from the extra support to maintain proper spinal alignment, which can reduce the risk of back pain.

Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers need a firm surface to prevent excessive sinking of the hips, which can lead to back strain.

Heavier individuals: People with a higher body weight may find extra firm mattresses more comfortable as they provide better support and reduce the likelihood of sagging.

People with back pain: Those experiencing back pain or specific medical conditions may find relief on an extra firm mattress, as it can help distribute weight evenly and alleviate pressure points.


Mattress Construction


Pressure-Relieving Foam Layers

The Sealy Posturepedic Lannister features firm gel foam layers, complemented by firmer comfort fillings for that extra support your body needs. This advanced foam technology adapts to your body shape and provides optimal support for every curve without uncomfortable pressure points.


Hypoallergenic Foam

Do allergies and hay fever disrupt your sleep? Not anymore. This mattress features hypoallergenic foam and ticking that reduce the effects of allergies. The unique design even helps prevent dust mites from settling in. Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without worrying about stuffy noses and itchy eyes.


Climate Control and Breathability

Discover a mattress that understands your body’s need for a comfortable sleeping environment. With advanced climate control and breathability features, you can finally experience the perfect balance of temperature and airflow while you sleep. No more tossing and turning – just pure relaxation as you drift off into a world of dreams.


Moisture Protect 

Sweating during sleep is a natural process, but it shouldn’t disrupt your rest. The mattress’s moisture protect technology works tirelessly to absorb and evaporate moisture, leaving you with a fresh and dry sleeping surface.


Wool Filling 

Feel the luxurious touch of fresh, pure wool filling that provides ultimate comfort. The Sealy Posturepedic Lannister Extra Firm is designed to keep you both warm and cool, adapting to your body’s temperature needs throughout the night. Enjoy the cosy warmth during colder seasons and the refreshing coolness during warmer nights. 


The Exclusive Body Sense Pocket System

Your body deserves the best support possible, and that’s precisely what the Exclusive Body Sense Pocket System delivers. Each pocket spring independently adapts to your body’s contours, providing firm support where you need it most.


Duraflex Edge Support

With the Duraflex Edge Support, the sides of your mattress are fortified for prolonged durability. Now you can confidently sit or lie on the edges, which will remain strong and intact. This design ensures you can use the full sleeping area right up to the edge, giving you more space and more reasons to love your mattress.


Zoned Support

Your back deserves special attention for a rejuvenating sleep experience. Sealy has carefully crafted the heart of this mattress with High-Density foam for better lower back support and improved spine alignment. This unique zoned support system also allows your muscles to relax and recover. Additionally, this high-density zone support prevents any body impressions, safeguarding against any middle sagging issues.


Why Choose Sealy?

Sealy has been crafting high-quality mattresses for over a century, gaining trust and recognition worldwide. 

What sets their brand apart is its relentless pursuit of sleep innovation. The company’s research and development team is dedicated to combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of sleep science to create mattresses that cater to individual sleep needs. Sealy’s commitment to innovation has resulted in numerous patented technologies that enhance sleep quality and address common sleep issues.

One such technology is the Posturepedic system, a revolutionary innovation that offers targeted support where it’s needed most. By incorporating state-of-the-art materials and advanced design principles, Sealy crafts mattresses that align the spine, relieve pressure points, and provide superior comfort throughout the night.


Ask Our Sleep Specialists About The Sealy Posturepedic Lannister Extra-Firm Mattress

Have questions about the Sealy extra firm mattress? Whether you’ve been contemplating firmness levels or wondering how the Sealy extra firm mattress can improve your sleep, visit your nearest The Bed Centre store to chat with one of our knowledgeable sleep specialists.



The Lannister Extra Firm can take up to 150 kg per side.



The Lannister Extra Firm offers a 3-Year Guarantee and a 12-Year Warranty. 

All beds supplied with detailed Warranty cards.


Designed and Built in South Africa

The Sealy Lannister Extra Firm is proudly designed and built in South Africa.


Mattress Sizes 

Single (91cm x 188cm)

Single Extra-Length (91cm x 200xm)

Three-Quarter (107cm x 188cm)

Three Quarter-Extra Length (107cm x 200cm)

Double (137cm x 188cm)

Double Extra-Length (137cm x 200cm)

Queen (152cm x 188cm)

Queen Extra-Length (152cm x 200cm) 

King (183cm x 188cm) 

King Extra-Length (183cm x 200xm)

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Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set
Sealy Lannister Extra Firm Bed Set