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Sleeper Couch: 5 Benefits of owning one

1. Great space saver.
2. Comfort.
3. Sleeper couches are cost-effective.
4. Sleeper couches are functional and versatile.
5. Aesthetically pleasing.

Let us discuss each point further.

Great space savers:
The reason why most people purchase a sleeper couch is because of the convenient space it saves with its dual function. For people living in bachelors or small apartments, the feature will benefit them, by offering a great place to sit, and giving the room valuable floor space.

Some people think a sleeper couch is uncomfortable, which will lead them not to consider purchasing one for their home. With modern designs, and the use of materials, sleeper couches have improved, which makes them more comfortable.
Why is the sleeping couch the best furniture to have in your house or lounge? It offers comfort when entertaining guests, or watching TV with friends or family, but also when it’s time to sleep. Size is important too, the sleeper couch is available in different sizes and price points. A two-cushion will pull out to form a full-size bed, while a three-cushion couch will turn into a queen-size sleeper.

Sleeper couches are cost-effective:
The sleeper couch works as a two-in-one furniture piece, meaning one gets a couch and a bed in one, that reason alone makes the sleeper couch popular.
Yes, it is sometimes more expensive than the average couch.
Remember its function, the sleeping couch is not one-piece furniture. In the long run, the sleeper couch saves money as it can be moved from room to room.

Sleeper couches are functional and versatile:
The sleeper couch offers the best of both worlds. The average couch allows for a place to sit with guests, while the bed offers a relaxing place to rest. The fun part of a sleeper couch, it allows one to lie around during the day and enjoy a comfortable sleep at night by turning it into a bed.
The sleeper couch also helps when the apartment is not big enough for extra rooms, making the sleeper couch ideal for a living room instead of a normal couch. The sleeper couch not only provides seats for the guest but also benefits as an extra bed if the guest needs to rest or stay overnight.

Aesthetically Pleasing:
What happens when friends or family come over?
Does the garage door open to get the old, ugly mattress out, or just lay it around until it gets used again. The sleeper couch solves that problem, by offering stylish furniture which will turn into a bed. Putting a sleeper couch in the house will create an aesthetically pleasing environment, no matter which rooms it gets added.
There are many upholstery options for sleeper couches, making it easy to match other furniture. One might even be able to purchase a sleeper couch as part of a living room furniture set.
If the reason for purchasing a sleeper couch is to have a guest sleep in, just keep in mind that it will likely be a couch for most of the time, not folded out into a bed. This means one should pay attention to what the product looks like as a couch, not simply as a bed.

What is a sleeper couch?

A sleeper couch is very useful for households.
At any given moment, it will turn an ordinary room into a bedroom. Overnight guests can make use of the furniture or for anyone who just wants to have an afternoon rest while watching TV.
Not only made for rest or guests, sleeper couches are convenient for studio and bachelor apartments. A sleeper couch is a piece of furniture that has pull-up mattresses underneath it that will turn into a bed, but when folded, the sleeper couch looks like an ordinary couch.
Most of them can fit two people, that’s how spacious they are. Are you in need of a couch? Why not buy a sleeper couch, and get a two – in
– one benefit.

How to use a sleeper couch.

A sleeper couch can be convenient for guest houses, home offices, living rooms and guest rooms.
It serves two functions: seating and sleeping.
The best part is when it’s not in use, it turns into an ordinary couch. It saves space by combining a necessary piece of furniture with a convenient guest bed. When ready to sleep or rest, just remove the seat cushions, pull the mattress out by using the handle in the unit center or press the button on the side, it depends on the unit.
To have a good night’s rest, get comfortable pillows, blankets and bedsheets.

  • EMILY single sleeper couch;
    Approximate Size:
    Outside to outside arm: 760mm
    Depth of arm: 860mm
    Sleeping surface: 760mm x 1980mm
    Overall sleeping surface: 760 x 2000mm
  • SOFIA Sleeper Couch;
    Approximate Size:
    Outside to outside arm: 1780mm
    Depth of arm: 770mm
    Height of arm: 570mm (from floor)
    Arm width: 220mm
    Sleeping surface: 1300mm x 1930mm
    Overall sleeping surface: 1300 x 1950mm
  • BELLA Sleeper Couch;
    Approximate Size:
    Outside to outside arm: 1760mm
    Depth of arm: 800mm
    Height of arm: 700mm (from floor)
    Arm width: 230mm
    Sleeping surface: 1300mm x 1980mm
    Overall sleeping surface: 1300 x 2000mm


  • AMBER Sleeper Couch;
    Outside to outside arm: 2170mm
    Depth of arm: 920mm
    Height of arm: 550mm (from floor)
    Arm width: 330mm
    Sleeping surface: 1520mm x 2030mm
    Overall sleeping surface: 1520 x 2130mm
  • Can a sleeper couch be used every day?
    Some sleeper couches are made for nightly use, but not all are sustainable for the long term. Check with the supplier when purchasing the product.
  • Are sleeper beds bad for your back?
    As comfortable as they are, it is not recommended sleeping on them often. But if that’s a preference, it will be advisable to get a memory foam mattress topper.
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