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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress

Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress



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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress

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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress

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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress

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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress

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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress

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Shop The Sealy Posturepedic Kingswood Pamper Plush Mattress

With the Sealy Posturepedic Kingswood Pamper Plush Mattress, you’ll be transported to a world of exquisite comfort. Its innovative design features layers of premium materials, cradling your every curve for a sleep so restful, you won’t believe it’s real. 

While it’s all about plushness, your support won’t be compromised. The Sealy Pamper Plush Mattress boasts a carefully engineered support system that ensures your spine stays perfectly aligned throughout the night.

Available in all sizes to fit seamlessly into your bedroom, this mattress brings the ultimate comfort to individuals, couples, and families alike. Its durability and longevity guarantee years of restful nights, making it a wise investment in your overall well-being.

Don’t settle for anything less than the sleep sanctuary you deserve. Buy this Sealy plush gel memory foam mattress and feel the difference of a well-rested night.


Who Is A Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress For?

The mattress aligns the spine in the most optimal way, offering great lumbar support for back sleepers seeking that sweet spot between softness and firmness. Side sleepers will love the gentle contouring and pressure relief provided by a plush gel memory foam mattress. No more waking up with numb arms or sore hips; experience unparalleled comfort that moulds to the body’s unique shape.


Mattress Construction


StayTrue Gel Pressure-Relieving Foam Layers

Feel the plushness beneath you as you lie down on the Kingswood Pamper Plush mattress. The StayTrue Gel Pressure-Relieving Foam layers offer a delightful combination of comfort and support. Sink into a cloud-like embrace as you drift off to dreamland.


Hypoallergenic Foam

Breathe easy with the hypoallergenic foam and ticking featured in our mattress. No more worries about allergies or hay fever disrupting your peaceful sleep. Our mattress is equipped with allergen protection, shielding you from dust mites and ensuring you can rest easy night after night.


Climate Control and Breathability

Indulge in the cool-to-touch surface of the Kingswood Pamper Plush mattress. Featuring StayTrue Gel foam layers in a pillow top design, it maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Its excellent breathability leaves you refreshed when the sun rises.


The Exclusive Double Offset Coil System

Crafted with an Exclusive Double Offset design unique to Sealy, this mattress boasts unparalleled stability. The “no roll together” effect ensures your body is consistently supported across the entire mattress surface, preventing any rolling towards the middle.


Duraflex Edge Support

Thanks to the Duraflex Edge Support, this mattress provides exceptional reinforcement on the sides, ensuring prolonged edge durability. You can utilise the full sleeping area, right up to the edge, without worrying about collapsing sides.


Zoned Support

The mattress is thoughtfully designed with Zoned Support, featuring High-Density foam in the centre. This ensures better lower back support and spine alignment, minimising body impressions and preventing middle sagging.


Why Choose Sealy?

When it comes to crafting the finest mattresses, Sealy stands at the forefront of innovation and quality. With decades of expertise and a commitment to excellence, Sealy has been the preferred choice for millions worldwide. The brand’s relentless dedication to research and development ensures that each mattress is engineered to provide unmatched support and indulgent luxury, creating an experience that truly stands the test of time.


Ask Our Sleep Specialists About The Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Remember, when it comes to mattresses, it’s crucial to rely on professionals who truly understand your unique needs. Whether you need assistance choosing the right size for your bedroom, understanding the unique technology embedded in Sealy’s design, or simply seeking advice on how it can enhance your sleep quality, our specialists are dedicated to providing you with tailored recommendations.



The Kingswood Pamper Plush can take up to 130 kg per side.



The Kingswood Pamper Plush offers a 1-Year Guarantee and a 9-Year Warranty. 

All beds supplied with detailed Warranty cards.


Designed and Built in South Africa

The Sealy Kingswood Pamper Plush is proudly designed and built in South Africa.


Mattress Sizes 

Single (91cm x 188cm)

Single Extra-Length (91cm x 200xm)

Three-Quarter (107cm x 188cm)

Three-Quarter Extra Length (107cm x 200cm)

Double (137cm x 188cm)

Double Extra-Length (137cm x 200cm)

Queen (152cm x 188cm)

Queen Extra-Length (152cm x 200cm) 

King (183cm x 188cm)

King Extra-Length (183cm x 200cm)

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Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress
Sealy Lancelot Plush Mattress