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Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement

Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement


Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement

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Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement

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Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement

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Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement

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Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement

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  • BugLock ®Plus uses Protect-A-Bed’s bug-impervious Miracle Membrane® to keep bed bugs in their place, forming an impenetrable barrier against these tenacious pests.BugLock ®Plus to PREVENT:  A bed bug infestation is a challenging problem that is best avoided. BugLock ®Plus will prevent bed bugs from entering new or unaffected mattresses to breed, heading off an infestation before it can set in.BugLock ®Plus to help ERADICATE:  Fighting an existing infestation usually requires several interventions, including help from a reputable pest control company. BugLock®Plus is an effective part of the overall solution. By preventing escape from the mattress, BugLock®Plus starves the in-bed infestation, cutting off access to food sources. Click here for a simple step-by-step guide to managing a bed bug infestation.The Benefits of BugLock® Plus mattress encasement:
    • Laboratory tested to thoroughly prevent bed bug entry or escape from the mattress
    • Has the Buglock® SecureSeal 3-sided zipper system with micro-zipper teeth specifically designed to prevent bed bugs from weaving their way through the closed zipper
    • 6-sided encasement fully encases the mattress
    • Featuring Miracle Membrane®, a 100% waterproof yet air vapour-porous (breathable) barrier
    • Hypoallergenic and effective in preventing dust mites—a major cause of asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis—from breeding in your mattress, making it ideal for anyone suffering from dust-mite allergies
    • Also effective in preventing bacteria from building up in your mattress
    • Protects mattresses from stains (accidental spills, perspiration and bodily fluids), but should preferably be used with a mattress protector over the top, so the encasement remains undisturbed for maximum efficacy against bed bugs.

    Easy Care:

    BugLock ®Plus is best left zipped up and undisturbed on the mattress, for both effectiveness and convenience. It should be used underneath one of the mattress protectors within the Protect-A-Bed range, which are more easily removed for regular washing.

    • If washing the BugLock®Plus:
    • Wash durability rating: > 50 washes
    • Machine wash, and tumble-dry on medium
    • Can be sterilised at 120˚C
    • If BugLock®Plus is not used beneath a mattress protector, wash every 4-6 weeks to remove body fluid build-up and maintain durability of the bug-proof lining.
    • (If the product is being used for an existing bed bug infestation, it must not be removed for washing for 18 months, which is how long it can take until all resident bed bugs are dead.)

    Safety Tested:

    • 100% pesticide free
    • Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100


    • BugLock®Plus mattress encasement is guaranteed for 2 years against fabric and manufacturing defects.

    Available Sizes:

    35 cm depth (designed to fit mattresses 35-38 cm deep).

    Single 92 x 200 x 35cm
    Three Quarter 107 x 200 x 35cm
    Double 137 x 200 x 35cm
    Queen 152 x 200 x 35cm
    King 183 x 200 x 35cm


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Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement
Protect-A-Bed | Buglock Plus Mattress Encasement