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Why bed size matters!

Bed Sizes: 6 Considerations before buying in 2023

Finding the right bed size is not as simple as it seems, so here are The Bed Centre’s tips on things to consider when deciding on the size of your new bed. 1. It’s always best to measure how much space for the bed is available. We find that some beds may be too large for small rooms, or some beds may be too wide for narrow spaces 2. Fitting is only part of the planning so be sure to have at least a 3 ft (0.91 m) walking path available along the sides and end of your bed 3. Note any protruding parts of the room like low window sills or pronounced moulding, which may in turn create obstacles for higher beds 4. Who is the bed for? Depending on your situation you may need a bed for elderly occupants that might need to be lower in height for them to use. While children may want specialty beds, like bunk beds or canopy beds. These are just a few things to consider depending on the person you are buying a bed for 5. An important consideration is to look critically at your current situation and future plans. If you thinking of settling down or getting married you have a partners needs to consider. On the subject of children we all know how quickly they grow, so a bed may need to be convertible to a larger model 6. Make sure the bed can fit through the spaces within the home and be easy to move in Bed size is really important because the different sizes of bed are suited to different age groups and the various phases of life. As we know young children won’t need more than a crib or toddler mattress. While a twin mattress is suitable for older children and young adults. However twin mattresses can be rather small for adults, in which case the twin XL provides an excellent choice for tight spaces. Double Beds (or full beds) tend to be short for some adults and are 137cm x 188cm (1.37m x 1.88m or 4’6″ x 6’2″) long Couples find their balance best with the extra space that Queen Beds provide, they generally start from 152cm x 188cm (1.52m x 1.88m or 5′ x 6’2″) long. If you need a lot of sleeping space as a couple then look no further than a King Size Beds that measure about 183cm x 188cm (1.83m x 1.88m or 6′ x 6’2″) long. It’s not easy buying the right bed, but you can rest assured that The Bed Centre will help you make the right choice when measuring up your sleeping needs!

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