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The Art of Breaking In: Adjusting To A New Mattress


Congratulations on your new mattress. Now, we bet you’re eager to dive into dreamland and experience the ultimate comfort. But hold your yawns for a minute because adjusting to a new mattress is a process that deserves some attention.

You’ve probably spent years sleeping on your old, saggy, creaky mattress, and now you’ve got this new cloud of dreams waiting to cradle you to sleep. It’s like going from riding a bicycle to a luxury sports car – a little adaptation time is only natural. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered with some handy tips to help adjust to a new mattress.


Give it a chance

First things first, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your new mattress might feel different initially, and that’s totally okay. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes, you need some time to adjust. Stick with it for at least a couple of weeks before making up your mind.


Sleep on it (literally!)

Sleep is a great teacher. Spend a few nights getting cosy with your new mattress, and let your body decide if it’s a match made in slumber heaven. Don’t be discouraged by the initial unfamiliarity – you two will become best buddies in no time.


Give it some fresh air

Mattresses can have a distinctive odour when they’re brand new. This “new mattress smell” is harmless, but if it bothers you, let your mattress breathe. Strip off the sheets and let it air out for a few hours before making the bed. Opening the windows can also help freshen up your sleep sanctuary. 


Get the right accessories

Your mattress might be fabulous, but a little extra TLC never hurts. Invest in some quality pillows and a mattress protector to complement your sleeping setup. They can make a world of difference and give you that added comfort.



Mind your sleeping position

Are you a back sleeper, a side cuddler, or a stomach snoozer? Your preferred sleeping position can influence your adjustment period. For example, if you’re a side sleeper transitioning from a firmer mattress, your shoulders and hips might need a few nights to get used to the extra plushness. Hang in there, and your body will adapt. 


Rotate and Flip (if applicable)

If your mattress is flippable or reversible, take advantage of that feature. After the first few weeks, flip it over or rotate it 180 degrees. This ensures even wear and helps prevent body impressions from forming in one area over time.


Say goodbye to old habits

Now that you’ve got this inviting bed, it’s time to bid farewell to old habits that may be sabotaging your sleep quality. While it’s tempting to bring snacks to bed or scroll through your phone, try to create a calming bedtime routine instead. Trust us, your sleep will thank you.


The Bed Centre’s 120 Night Comfort Exchange

One of the incredible perks of getting your mattress from The Bed Centre is our 120 Night Comfort Exchange. This trial period allows you to test your mattress for a generous 120 nights! That’s over 4 months of getting acquainted with your new sleeping surface. If, for any reason, you find that the mattress isn’t the right fit for you during this time, we offer a hassle-free exchange.

The 120 Night Comfort Exchange gives you peace of mind and shows just how confident we are in the quality and comfort of our mattresses. So, rest easy knowing that you have the flexibility to make changes if needed.



Final thoughts

Adjusting to a new mattress might take a little effort and time, but the comfort and support it’ll bring to your nights are undoubtedly worth it. So, be patient, give it a chance, and let the magic happen! Remember, your sleep is an investment in yourself, and your new mattress is here to be your cosy companion on that journey. Sweet dreams!

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